Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Video on free software....

Stephen Fry on free software from DragonWeb on Vimeo.

A video staring Stephen Fry on free software. He talks about how Richard Storm 25 years ago wrote a new operating system which he called GNU - GNU is not UNIX. Supporting a community based software where the community was able to change and improve the system and it was spread around the community free like science and avalible to everyone. He calls this the operating system of the future. Have a look at the video.

Free Software....

FREE SOFTWARE is ...Software that can be used, studied and modified without restriction and can be copied and redistributed in modified or unmodified form. Software is available free of charge in most cases.

Here are 5 software programmes that are free to download.

UBUNTU- is a free computer operating system software
OPEN OFFICE - A free software similar to Microsoft office Suite with programmes similar to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc
GIMP - Photo shop equivalent to modify photos
BLENDER - To create 3D animation
WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION - Unbias information with no copyright issues

A Lull "Skinny Fingers" from A Lull on Vimeo.

A Lull "Skinny Fingers"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dealing with the copyright issues

In(spector) April 7 2009
No true name given in profile

Using a picture off the Flickr website, I have uploaded the image along with the URL , Artists name and date of the image so that I am reconizing the artist.
This image fell under the copyright all rights reserved.
I am unable to use this image for purposes where I am trying to earn money from it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Printmaking March 09

My first attempt at print making ever!

All towards my Diploma of Arts, here at Otago Polytech, it was so much fun, almost addictive. I began my project with a stencil cut out of a school of fish, which soon proved to be too rigid and not going in the direction I wanted so I started tearing the cartridge paper, tearing strips, circles, shapes and used these as the stencils. The torn edges were wonderful as they created a shadowing look. I used the "robbing" method of printing, which involves taking wet ink from an already printed board or print.
I presented the prints in a book, 4 x A3 sheets per page. It took many hours to arrange the prints into pages, so they worked. I sometimes added a blank page to rest the eye. These were then bound between cardboard by the local printers.

A great final look , ENJOY

A favourite print, using the robbing process to create a shadowing effect

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Abstract Prints

Red must have been the colour of the day !