Saturday, April 4, 2009

Printmaking March 09

My first attempt at print making ever!

All towards my Diploma of Arts, here at Otago Polytech, it was so much fun, almost addictive. I began my project with a stencil cut out of a school of fish, which soon proved to be too rigid and not going in the direction I wanted so I started tearing the cartridge paper, tearing strips, circles, shapes and used these as the stencils. The torn edges were wonderful as they created a shadowing look. I used the "robbing" method of printing, which involves taking wet ink from an already printed board or print.
I presented the prints in a book, 4 x A3 sheets per page. It took many hours to arrange the prints into pages, so they worked. I sometimes added a blank page to rest the eye. These were then bound between cardboard by the local printers.

A great final look , ENJOY

A favourite print, using the robbing process to create a shadowing effect

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